How To Get 100 Goblin Coins On HON For Free

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A few months ago the role-playing action game Heroes of Newerth, also known as HoN, has become a free-to-play game and it can be downloaded for free directly from the official website. In other words it means that you will be able to sign up for free instead of paying a 20$ / year fee. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions regarding the number of heroes available, about 15 heroes that change automatically every two weeks and the rest of them must be purchased from the Goblin Store with gold or silver coins.

In order to earn some coins you have to play the game on MMR mode (Match Matching Rank) where the coins are earned depending on your reached level. For example if your level is between 2 and 5 you will win 6 silver coins and if your level is between 6 and 10 you will gain 12 silver coins for every game. Basically you will gain 6 more silver coins for every 5 levels. Another way to gain more coins per game is to play consecutive games (1 coin for every consecutive game), to do a bloodlust (2 coins), an annihilation (15 coins) or to be immortal (10 coins) during a game.


 How To Get 100 Goblin Coins On HON For Free

When you start playing HoN, besides having fun, saving coins should be your main objective, because you have to purchase all the heroes in order to play modes as Single Draft or All Pick without using Tokens. You should know that purchasing a hero is really not so cheap and you’ll have to empty your pockets from 90 – 1500 silver coins only for a hero.

It may look simple on paper to save some coins, but in a game these things are not so easy to achieve.

To give you a starting boost I’m going to show you how to earn 100 silver coins for free. So follow these easy steps in order to do that:

Step 1

Create a Beyond Gaming Account from here.

Step 2

Get your unique code (it works only 1 time, so don’t even bother to try cheating the system).

Step 3

Redeem your 100 free goblin coins here.

Step 4

Log in to your Heroes of Newerth account.

Step 5

Paste the unique code in the specific box.

Step 6

Enjoy purchasing your first hero without even playing a single game.


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Another thing that you could do in order to gain some free coins is to invite some of your friends to create a new Heroes Of Newerth account. You could do that by sending them a referral link (where they should create an account) that is automatically generated here. In this way you could earn 50 silver coins when your buddy reaches level 2, 200 coins when he gets verified or 100 coins when he purchase coins from Hon Store.

Unfortunately, this is all I know about how to win some free coins, but I can assure you that there are much more to find out. Until next time I let you enjoy this spotlight video with HoN’s latest hero Shadowblade:


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