New iPhone 5 Parts Leaked: Bigger Display And Larger Battery Spotted

iPhone 5 Parts 300x198 New iPhone 5 Parts Leaked: Bigger Display And Larger Battery Spotted

Not a single day goes by without hearing or seeing something related to the next-generation iPhone. This time, new parts of the iPhone 5 have been leaked online, and they consist of the device’s front cover, along with the home button, camera, sensors, and the battery itself.

Even though it battled against Nokia and others regarding the standardization of a new SIM module, it seems like Apple will have it its way as the next-gen iPhone will feature nano-SIM support, not microSIM like the previous two generations.

There aren’t many things to say about these parts, but we do have to mention one more thing: the battery will be slightly bigger at 1,440mAh compared to 1,430mAh battery that is found in the iPhone 4S.

As the smartphone will be powered by iOS 6, some folks are looking for stuff that can be found in the software. Their checkouts paid off when they spotted a feature that allows users to make use of both WiFi and Data connection thanks to the “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” option.

The display cover looks so it’s safe to say once again that the new iPhone will have a 4-inch or bigger touchscreen. The rumor mill also says that the smartphone will feature 1GB RAM, improved dual-core processor, NFC support as well as 4G LTE support in select markets.

Apple is rumored to hold a special event on September 12th where it will reveal the next iPhone, while the smartphone will be scheduled for a September 21st release date.

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