Apple’s Fusion Drive proven to offer triple read/write speeds and twice faster boot time

Apple Fusion Drive Apples Fusion Drive proven to offer triple read/write speeds and twice faster boot time

Apple’s Fusion Drive isn’t anything new or revolutionary, though it does offer stunning speeds. During some live tests, the Fusion Drive proved to boot the Mac Mini twice faster and it also triples the read and write speeds.

The Techfast team compared the speeds of a Mac Mini running with a 5400 rpm HDD and the Fusion Drive. As you can see in the video below, the Fusion Drive-powered Mac Mini booted in just 15.7 seconds, while the HDD one took 34.1 seconds to boot.

The HDD hasn’t been able to reach even 100 Mb/s in write/read speeds, while the Fusion Drive is able to read more than 300 Mb/s and write more than 400 Mb/s, according to the sources.

The Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion supports Fusion Drive entirely and manages to increase the computer’s speed significantly.

The Fusion Drive is a hybrid technology, packing both a HDD and a SSD for costs considerents. SSD drives are extremely fast, but also very expensive and the Fusion Drive manages to offer you very high speeds while keeping the price lower. It features an 128GB SSD, along with either a 1TB or 3TB 5400 rpm HDD. The operating system only uses the flash storage for files and apps you access more often, like the operating system. So you will not experience the high speed with all your files, but only you those you use the most. While this can be a drawback, the price would be significantly higher with only flash storage.

According to Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, the Fusion Drive is able to copy a 4GB file 3.5 times faster, while the Aperture photo import is done 3.5 times faster and it also takes 1.7 times less to boot.

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