How To Install JellyBam ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

JellyBam ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 How To Install JellyBam ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

If you’ve become tired by your Samsung Galaxy S II, then you might as well install a new and custom ROM on this device. The advantage is that you can heavily customize it, while not compromising battery life, speed, and reliability. Your smartphone will become faster, more reliable, the battery will last longer, and the custom theme is gorgeous. One of the custom ROMs that offers these features is the JellyBam ROM and it can be installed right now on your Samsung Galaxy S2.

The JellyBam ROM is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and although it features the TouchWiz as user interface, it also comes with the Tablet UI so your Super AMOLED display will show crisp colors in the amazing Galaxy Tab user interface.

Well, the UI isn’t everything that this is all about, it’s about performance, and you will immediately notice that your Galaxy S2 runs faster. The JellyBam ROM was developed by iGio90, and it can be installed only on the i9100 version of the smartphone. This is the international GSM model so if you have any other version then do not attempt to install this.

This is very easy to install, but you need to follow certain steps like enabling the USB debugging option under Settings -> Developer Options. You also have to backup your data using this guide in order to make sure that you can restore it on your device after the process is complete.

Do not even think about installing this ROM before flashing the XXLPQ firmware on your smartphone using this guide. You also need to root the device, and then flash ClockworkMod Recovery on it. This can be achieved with ease by following this guide. Now that you’re ready, follow the steps below!

How To Install JellyBam ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

1. Download the JellyBam ROM .zip file on your computer at this link.

2. Copy the downloaded .zip file on the microSD card pre-installed on your handset.

3. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S2.

4. Boot the Galaxy S2 into ClockworkMod Recovery mode by pressing and holding down these keys: Volume Up + Home + Power. Keep pressing until the screen turns on, and the CWM menu shows up. If the phone boots normally, then shut it down, and try again.

5. The first thing that you should do with the ClockworkMod Recovery tool, is to backup your entire ROM therefore navigate to Backup and Restore, and select it. On the next menu, select Backup, and confirm the process.

6. Once you return to the recovery menu, navigate to Wipe Data / Factory Reset, and select this option. Confirm the procedure, and when it’s done move on to the next step.

7. Go back to the main menu, and go to Wipe Cache Partition in order to select it. This requires confirmation so hit Yes, and get to the next step.

8. In the main CWM menu, you have to navigate to Advanced, and select this option. On the next screen, select Wipe Dalvik Cache, and confirm the procedure.

9. Now you can finally go back to the main menu in order to pick Install zip from sd card. On the next screen, select Choose zip from sd card, and then look for the .zip file that you copied on your microSD card during the above steps. The installation requires confirmation, and when you hit Yes, the ROM will begin installing.

10. Once it’s done, get back to the ClockworkMod Recovery menu, and navigate to Reboot System Now. Select it, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 will reboot.

When the first boot that takes up to ten minutes will be over, you will be able to enjoy the goodies of the JellyBam ROM. Let us know if you like it!

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