How To Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy note 2 How To Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system, and I can honestly say that it’s the most popular ever as during the past quarter more than 70 million smartphones have been shipped worldwide. If these numbers aren’t impressive, then you should compare them to the about 25 million iPhones sold by Apple. Anyway, one of the latest-gen devices is the Samsung Galaxy Note II which actually plays in its own league. If you own a Note 2, then you may be interested of installing a custom ROM on it. Well, you can easily achieve this, but first you need to flash a custom recovery tool on it. Today, we’re going to present you the TWRP Recovery tool for this handset.

Flashing a custom recovery tool brings a lot of advantages that we’ve repeated so many times that you got bored of it so it’s safe to get to the business. Users should know that they need to root their Galaxy Note 2 before starting so head over to this link in order to root your Samsung Galaxy Note II. Another thing that we recommend is to backup your device before starting so follow this link.

A final warning is the fact that this procedure will only work with the N7100 model of the Galaxy Note 2. So head over to Settings -> About device to see what model number you own. If it’s not N7100, then do not attempt to follow these steps!

How To Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

1. Download Samsung Kies on your PC from here.

2. Install Samsung Kies on your computer in order to get the USB drivers required for your phablet.

3. On your handset, navigate to Settings -> Developer Options -> Debugging. Here, you have to Enable USB Debugging by checking the box next to it.

4. On your PC, make sure that Samsung Kies isn’t running in the background because it can mess with the process. The reason why you had to install it in the first place is because you need the correct drivers.

5. Download Odin on your computer from here.

6. Extract the file in a folder of your choice.

7. Download TWRP Recovery on your computer from this link.

8. Make sure that the Note 2 is not connected to your PC.

9. Turn off your phablet.

10. Boot the device into Download mode. You can achieve this with ease by pressing and holding down these buttons until the display will turn on: Volume Down + Home + Power. When the display has turned on, press the Volume Up button, and you will finally boot into Download mode.

11. On your computer, navigate to the Odin folder, and open the Odin application.

12. Now, connect your phablet to your computer.

13. In Odin, you will notice this message: Added!! If not, then you don’t have the correct drivers. Reinstall them, and restart this procedure.

14. In Odin, click on PDA.

15. Select the TWRP Recovery file that you downloaded during Step 7.

16. Do not make any changes, just press Start.

17. The installation will begin so now wait for it to be completed.

18. Your smartphone will reboot automatically. When you notice the Samsung logo on your Galaxy Note 2, then you can disconnect the device from your PC.

That was all. Let us know if you found this guide useful.

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