How To Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II Using CF-Root

ATT Samsung Galaxy Note II Root How To Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II Using CF Root

There is nothing more beautiful than getting your hands dirty with a brand new Android device, like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as soon as you bought it. Any real Android lover should immediately put its new device onto the “operating table” and start performing some vital developer procedures for this type of phablet.

A few hours after I’ve bought my Note 2, it already was rooted, overclocked and flashed with the latest custom ROM available on XDA Developers Forum. So, let your imagination free and start customizing your phablet exactly as you want, because that’s the beauty of an Android device.

All these things are available thanks to the well-known XDA member “Chainfire”, who dedicated once again all his efforts to make us happy. Chainfire’s “CF-Root” method is already famous among the Android community and this time is no exception.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Note II using the CF-Root method is the best thing to do even if you are a beginner or an advanced developer. Why is “CF-Root” different from the other rooting tools? Well, despite the fact that is the quickest and easiest way to perform a rooting procedure, it also allows you to keep some of Samsung’s stock firmware.

After I’ve showed you how to root the GT-N7100/N7105 version, a few days ago, now it’s time for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317/M to receive the same treatment.

Requirements and warnings

  • On your phablet, go to Settings > System > About device and make sure you have the SGH-I317 or the SGH-I317M model number.
  • Make sure to enable the USB Debugging from the Application tab.
  • During this type of procedures you may see a drastic battery life consumption and that’s why is best to charge your device up to 70-80%.
  • No incidents have been reported until now, but it’s best to do a proper backup of your personal data before you start doing anything else. Follow the next Android backup tutorial to find out how to do it.


  • Click on this source to download Odin and extract it into a new folder on your Desktop.
  • Download Chainfire’s CF-Root tool from this source.
    - SGH-I317 version.
    - SGH-I317M version.
  • Extract the “.Zip” file once the downloading process is complete.
  • You should see a .tar.md5 file once the extraction is complete.
  • Remove the USB cable from your Note 2 in case it’s connected to your Windows PC.
  • Go to the folder where you’ve extracted Odin and run the “.exe” application.
  • On Odin, click on the PDA button and select the .tar.md5 file.
  • Enter your Galaxy Note device into Download Mode.
    - Note: Once your phone is off, just press and hold Volume Down > Home > Power buttons until your Note boots (in case you are asked to press another key, just comply).
  • Connect your phablet to the computer via a compatible USB cable.
  • Go to Odin and make sure the box for Repartition is not checked (options).
    - Note: Take this step very seriously, otherwise you will end up wasting some of your precious time on repeating this tutorial.
  • Press Start.
  • Wait a few moments for the rooting process to complete.
  • This is it.

Great job!!! Now your Samsung Galaxy Note II is successfully rooted and you are free to flash any custom ROM you want on it, but my advice is to try the controversial CleanROM Lite Edition custom ROM.





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