How To Turn Your LG Optimus G Into A Google Nexus 4

LG Optimus G is now Google Nexus 4 How To Turn Your LG Optimus G Into A Google Nexus 4

It’s been three months since Google Nexus 4 was released on Google Play and since then the device it’s been “Sold out” due to its high specifications and low price. Besides that, it’s the only smartphone on the market that doesn’t have that manufacturer UI restriction. Nexus 4 is basically a rework of the controversial LG Optimus G, but much cheaper and more advanced when it comes to performances and stability.

These two devices are so similar that you can even turn your LG Optimus G into a Nexus 4, so in case you can’t find one to buy yet, just stick with us and you will see how to replace it.

I know that is hard to believe, but some very passionate Android developers over XDA Developers forum managed to find a solution to convert your Optimus G device into a totally different device.  I’m not talking about a regular custom ROM right know, but a risky procedure that will remap all your Optimus partitions with the one founded on Nexus 4, so we are looking at: bootloader, firmware, kernel all the way up to the logo.  Once you’ve performed this operation, you will be using your device as a Nexus 4, which means that you will start flashing custom ROMs and recoveries provided for Nexus 4 and not for the usual Optimus G. Basically, you will have a Google Nexus 4 in an Optimus G case.

I have to remember you that this procedure is very risky even for those who really know what they’re doing, because you will be flashing things via LGNPST, which is very unstable and it’s a high chance to brick your device. Despite the fact that the feedback is very good among the Android community, I still have to say that you should think twice, before you go with the installation process.

Giving the fact that you will lose everything stored on your Optimus G device, I highly recommend you to do a full back up before you begin.

I guess that there’s no need to say that after this process your device’s warranty won’t be available anymore, except the situation when you turn back to the stock firmware. Turning back to your stock LG Optimus G is not so difficult, but to be sure that you can handle it, I provided you a link at the end of this article.

How to convert your LG Optimus G into a Google Nexus 4

  1. Download the following file and extract it on your computer.
  2. Now you have to rename the “.tot” file with the next extension “.bin”. You should get something like “….JVP15Q-USER+0.bin“.
  3. Go to this link an install LGNPST and all the necessary drivers.
  4. Run the program you’ve just installed.
  5. Turn off your Optimus G.
  6. Now connect your device to the computer and boot it into Download Mode using the following command: “Power” > “Volume Up” and “Volume Down”.
  7. Wait for your computer to recognize the Android device.
  8. Look for “DLL File” and select the “Ignpst_Is970.dll” file.
  9. Select the “.bin” file you’ve renamed at step 2.
  10.  The flashing process should start now.
  11.  Once the flashing process reaches 85% you will receive an error saying that your Optimus G has been disconnect. This is perfectly normal, the only thing you have to is to close out of LGNPST.
  12.  Now your device should boot up with the typical Google Nexus boot animation.
  13. It can take up to 5-6 minutes for the first boot, so don’t worry. In case your device doesn’t turn on after more than 6-8 minutes, then you have to repeat the whole process, because you’ve done something wrong.
  14. Before that you can try to enter once again into Bootloader Mode by pressing the “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons (make sure the USB cable is unplugged now).
  15. If the “FASTBOOT MODE” is in red on the bootloader then you are good to go.
  16. Connect your device once again to the computer and run the following command “fastboot -w“.
  17. All your date will be erased, it’s like a factory reset.
  18. Now you have to press the “Power” button to select the “START” option and hope this time it will work.
  19. If your device’s still doesn’t boot up after 6-8 minutes, then you have to repeat the whole process.

From now on your device is 100% a Google Nexus 4 and you should treat it as such. The first step is to install a recovery tool like “ClockworkMod Recovery” or “TWRP Recovery” and then flash your favorite Nexus 4 custom ROM.  If you don’t know how to do it, then this guide should be very helpful for you.

In case you don’t like it anymore or you simply want to go back to your usual LG Optimus G, then you should repeat the entire flashing process above, but this time use this file right from the beginning (step 1).

To be honest, there have been some bugs reported like: volume keys are switched (volume up acts as volume down), the device will recognize only 8GB out of 16, the microSD card isn’t recognized, the LTE won’t work until the AT&T modem is flashed and probably many other bugs.

Update: All these bugs have been fixed and you can find here how to solve them and I recommend you to thank the developer, for his hard work, once you are there. Enjoy!

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