How To Install crDroid ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

crDROID ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 How To Install crDroid ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

As the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful devices currently available on the market, as well as one of the best selling, it is natural for us to present a lot of custom ROMs for this handset. Additionally, it is  very common for the devs to focus on this device because they can get a bigger exposure. With more than 40 million units sold to date, the Galaxy S III is definitely the best selling Android phone of 2012.

The latest available ROM for the handheld is called crDroid and its main advantage is the ability to customize the installation. The AROMA installer gives users the possibility to install features that they want, or even uninstall things that they will not use or which they found to be annoying.

The crDroid ROM offers customization options for all types of users. It depends on what you want as you will have to choose between the best performance available, the optimization of your battery life, or the perfect balance between the two.

It is powered by Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and comes with BusyBox, SuperSU, FM Radio, Accuweather, Music Player, enhanced Gmail, the latest Play Store version, PhotoSphere, AOSP Browser, new status bar, Multi Window support, APEX Launcher, NOVA Launcher, and a new battery charging icon. The list could go on, but we are going to let you discover the features on your own.

As usual, your Samsung Galaxy S III needs to be rooted and unlocked. It also requires ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, but if these things are common to you, then you know what to do. If you have never installed a custom ROM before, then you need to follow this guide to perform all of the above procedures.

Users should also remember to enable an option found at Settings -> Developer Options. It is called USB debugging and it is required for the installation. Enable it form there, and then backup your device data by following these steps. One last thing to consider: the ROM only works with the Galaxy S3 model number Gt-i9300. If you have any other device, then do not attempt to flash the ROM.

How To Install crDroid ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

1. Download the ROM from this link.

2. Copy the ROM on your smartphone’s microSD card.

3. Recharge your battery, and disconnect the handset from your PC.

4. Switch off the phone.

5. Boot the device into ClockworkMod Recovery mode by pressing the upcoming button combination until the screen turns on: Volume Up + Home + Power.

6. Backup your current ROM in case something goes wrong: Backup and Restore, then Backup. Click Yes to confirm and then Go Back.

7. Wipe your data to avoid any conflicts: Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Press Yes and Go Back when the installation is complete.

8. The cache needs to be wiped, too, therefore select Wipe Cache Partition. Confirm by pressing Yes and then Go Back when it is done.

9. Continue cache wiping by selecting Advanced, then Wipe Dalvik Cache. Tap on Yes for confirmation, and wait for the process to be over in order to Go Back.

10. Now you can finally install the ROM therefore click on Install zip from sd card. After that, tap on Choose zip from sd card. Now you will need to browse your microSD card for the crDroid ROM. Select it, and then confirm the installation by pressing Yes.

11. Let the AROMA Installer guide you through the installation. Choose the features that you want, and de-select the ones that you do not wish to have on your device. When the process is complete, Go Back to the main menu.

12. Select Reboot System Now.

This is everything. Your smartphone is now running on the crDROID ROM. Please be aware that the first boot will take several minutes to complete so do not worry. Let us know if you like the new ROM!

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