How To Install Infamous ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3 T999

Infamous ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 T999 How To Install Infamous ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3 T999

We’ve talked about the Samsung Galaxy S3 countless times and we’ve presented numerous custom ROMs for this powerful device. Although Samsung is already cooking this handset’s successor, this doesn’t mean that current owners will not receive any kind of support from the company. Even if Sammy decides to ignore Galaxy S3 owners, the developers will still be here and they’re going to release ROMs, kernels, and other software for the users.

Here is another ROM for the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 that will definitely improve your user experience on the device. This Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean-powered ROM is called Infamous and it’s based on the latest UVDLJA software update. It’s packing several customization features and, perhaps more importantly, it’s deodexed, debloated, rooted, and zipaligned. Init.d support is also added in Infamous along with BusyBox, AOSP’s lockscreen, and Hide Clock among others.

It was developed by Jamison904 who added a CPU sleeper apk, V6 Super Charger, and 23 toggles in this ROM, in order to improve your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 user experience.

Be aware that the ROM will only work if you have the T999 version of Galaxy S3 which can be checked by opening Settings, then selecting About Phone. While you’re in Settings, you can also select Developer Options in order to enable a special feature called USB Debugging.

Once you’ve performed the above tasks, you should also backup your device data. This can be easily achieved by following a simple guide which can be found here. After that you can finally unlock and root your smartphone by following these steps. Be advised that you also need to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your device.

The procedure will not work if you don’t unlock, root and then flash CWM on your handset. If you already performed these tasks, then you can begin right now and now that you’ve been warned, you can begin the installation process.

How To Install Infamous ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3 T999

1. Download the Infamous ROM .zip file from here.

2. Transfer the .zip file on your handset’s microSD card.

3. Disconnect your phone from your PC and switch off your Android handheld.

4. Boot the gadget into Recovery mode. Press and hold down this key combination until the screen turns on: Volume Up + Home + Power.

5. Backup your phone by selecting Backup and Restore, then Backup. Confirm by pressing Yes and then pick Go Back.

6. Wipe your data by picking Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Confirm by clicking on Yes and then Go Back.

7. Initiate the cache wiping sequence by pressing Wipe Cache Partition. Press Yes in order to confirm the action and when it’s done, Go Back.

8. Choose Advanced and, on the next screen, Wipe Dalvik Cache. Click Yes to confirm and Go Back when it’s over.

9. Start the installation sequence by selecting Install zip from sd card, then Choose zip from sd card. From here it’s simple as you have to locate the Infamous ROM .zip file on your microSD card. Select the file and confirm the installation by clicking Yes.

10. Wait a few minutes to allow the setup to finish, then press Go Back.

11. You can finally choose Reboot System Now and your smartphone will reboot.

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