How To Install [ZERO]BUG ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

ZERO BUG ROM Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 How To Install [ZERO]BUG ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 GT i9100

The Galaxy line of smartphones is the most successful series of Android-powered devices. Despite the recent announcements of Android-running 1080p devices, there are no serious contenders to dethrone Samsung’s handsets. One of the best-selling Android phone ever, is the Samsung Galaxy S II, which accounts for more than 40 million total units sold in a little under two years.

Even though the device was released two years ago, developers are still working on new ROMs, in order to improve the Android user experience of the owners. The biggest downside of this popular operating system is lag. Most, if not all, Android users have had their experience with lagging devices or applications, so the latest ROM, called [ZERO]BUG is intended to solve this issue.

Lag is mostly caused by bugs, and if a ROM is codenamed Zero Bug, then lagging should be reduced to a minimum. Developer JoFury says that this ROM is based on Wanamlite and it is free of bugs. This means that users will not encounter any issues while using the new ROM.

As there is no lag, there are no lockscreen hiccups and other problems. Other features of this ROM include full support for Adobe Flash Player, S-Voice, Smart Rotation, and the ability to unlock your screen with the following command: Hi, Galaxy!

This ROM was created for the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100. It will only work with this model so check yours by going to Settings -> About Phone. Additionally, go back to Settings, then open Developer Options. Here, check the box next to USB Debugging, thus enabling the setting.

Users should backup their device data because it will be lost after the installation. No need to worry as it can be backed up by following this link. Furthermore, you will need a rooted Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery flashed on it. These actions can be easily done as well, by checking out this guide. If you already performed these actions, then you should not perform them once again.

How To Install [ZERO]BUG ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

1. Download the ROM from this link.

2. Transfer the ROM to your smartphone’s microSD card.

3. Switch off your handset.

4. Boot the device in ClockworkMod Recovery mode by pressing these buttons altogether until the display turns on: Volume Up + Power + Home.

5. Backup your Android smartphone by selecting Backup and Restore, then Backup. Confirm with Yes, then Go Back to the main menu.

6. Wipe your data by choosing the following option: Wipe Data / Factory Reset. First, confirm the action by pressing Yes, then Go Back to the recovery menu.

7. Keep going by choosing Wipe Cache Partition, then select Yes to confirm. Go Back once it is done.

8. Up next, you should select Advanced, then choose Wipe Dalvik Cache. Confirm this procedure as well by pressing Yes. Choose Go Back to return to the main menu.

9. Now you can finally install the ROM by choosing Install zip from sd card, then Choose zip from sd card, on the next screen. Locate the .zip file on your microSD card, and select the file. You will be asked for a confirmation, thus choose Yes. Wait for the procedure to be complete in order to return to the recovery menu. Press Go Back when it does.

10. All you have to do now, is to choose Reboot System Now.

Your smartphone will reboot, and when the first boot will be complete, your Samsung Galaxy S2 will be powered by the [ZERO]BUG ROM. Let us know if you’ve successfully performed the installation.

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